Family Pictures

·        Emily Margaret Roode

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Dave Roode and Jen Wilkinson recently ran the National Capital Half-Marathon on May 12, 2002.


Dave completed the race in 1:39:49 and Jen in 1:57:08.  Despite a few sore muscles both are looking forward to bettering their times.  These pictures were taken at about 14km and they’re still smiling.  Many thanks to our cheering section.










Engagement:  Jeff Roode and Tara D'Andrea are pleased to announce their recent engagement.  Wedding plans have yet to be determined.  Congratulations to both of you.

Birth – Jackson Pierce Roode: A baby boy, Jackson Pierce Roode, weighing in at 7 lbs 8 oz on Saturday January 19, 2002, at approximately 2:00 am.  Proud parents Stephen Roode and Kiki Sauriol and little Jackson are all doing well.  Congratulations to new grandparents Jim and Virginia Roode and Peter and Mona Sauriol.  A nephew for Jeff Roode and Kellie Sauriol and playmate for Emily.

40th Anniversary: Beth and Peter celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on October 6th.  Congratulations from all your friends and family!

Birth – Emily Margaret Roode: To Chris and Angela (nee Naylor), a daughter, Emily Margaret on Monday May 28, 2001, 6 lbs 11oz.  Sister for Chris and Meg.  Proud grandparents, Peter and Beth Roode and Frank and Barbara Naylor and great-grandmother Betty Banton.  Special thanks to Drs. Brown, Whyte and Tolkin and the staff at North York General Hospital, especially the NICU


The name Roode is thought to be derived from: dweller in the clearing, one with red hair.  An alternative spelling, “Rood” is thought to have been derived from: one who lived at, or near a roadside cross or in the clearing.

The word “Roode” is Dutch in origin and in English means the colour red.  Interestingly, Rhode Island was reportedly named Roode Eylandt by Adriaen Block, a Dutch explorer, because of its red clay.

I have only just begun to accumulate information on the Family Tree but so far we can trace back to William Roode, born in 1823.  William married Sarah Hubbell and was a farmer by trade.  They lived in Matilda Township, Dundas County, Ontario, Canada but beyond that we have very little information on William and his parents or siblings.  To view the family tree, click on the icon above.  You will have to scroll sideways to see everything as it does not fit on a single page very well.  If you have any additions or corrections, please contact me at